Hello from Artist, Nancy Hakala (on the right), and Art Representative, Lorrie LeFevre (on the left). Please, feel free to contact us regarding any art project you may envision whether it’s a custom mural or painting or any other interesting artwork. We would love to hear from you!

Lorrie LeFevre (left) and Nancy Hakala
Lorrie LeFevre (left) and Nancy Hakala

Nancy Hakala,, (310) 962-8780

Lorrie LeFevre,, (916) 202-2851

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  1. Nancy, I found your wonderful “Greeting” in a shop in Auburn and had to bring them home. They make my entry into my kitchen joyous every time. I love the thrill I feel when I look at those sweet, happy elephants.
    When I came to the website to look at your work, I saw Lorrie is in your circle. I am acquainted with her, I used to cut her hair. I have now moved away, so your lovely pair are enjoying cooler weather in Oregon now.
    Thank you, again, for sharing your talent. I feel so happy to have this wonderful picture in my life. They thrill me!!
    Very Sincerely,

  2. In checking out local art galleries I was fortunate enough in finding your wonderful artist’s den. I too have been active with many animal right’s groups. And I am especially glad to learn that there are many others who share the same enthusiasm. I went to school with Nancy and had a front row seat in witnessing her incredible talent. I went with music as a career instead of art but still manage to put pencil to paper occasionally. As an avid art collector it behooves me to come and check out your gallery. If everyone is as talented as Nancy, your gallery is in good, no, great hands. Congratulations to all of you. It’s so refreshing and good for the heart to see great works in our area. Bless you all!

  3. I have two questions actually, I ordered one of your 100 Elephants paintings and was curious when I should expect to receive it. Also, after your 100 Elephants project, if you would do a commissioned piece for me? I can ellaborate more if you are interested. Thank You

  4. What you are doing for PAWS is wonderful. Your talent is amazing. I will be doing at least some of my Christmas shopping from your beautiful elephant paintings. Sadly I was too late for A Mother’s Love, my cousin would have cherished it. I look forward to checking your site every morning.
    Thank you.

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